Installation/Upgradation of IPTABLES and CSF

Steps to Update/Install iptables iptables v1.6.0 cd /usr/src wget -O /usr/src/iptables-1.6.0.tar.bz2 –no-check-certificate tar -jxf iptables-1.6.0.tar.bz2 cd iptables-1.6.0 ./configure –prefix=/myiptables –with-xtlibdir=/lib/xtables –disable-nftables make make install mv /sbin/iptables /myiptables/iptables.backup mv /sbin/iptables-restore /myiptables/iptables-restore.backup mv /sbin/iptables-save /myiptables/iptables-save.backup ln -s /myiptables/sbin/iptables /sbin/iptables ln -s /myiptables/sbin/iptables-restore /sbin/iptables-restore ln -s /myiptables/sbin/iptables-save /sbin/iptables-save ———– For […]

Horde not loading properly

Horde not loading properly While checking we could see that the horde page is not loading properly. When we check any accounts we could be able to that the horde is not properly loading. You can check this by accessing any email accounts via horde. his is a setting within […]

Horde giving fatal error (SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 no such table: horde_prefs)

I ran the command /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update_horde_config –user=diver –full and I am able to access webmail via horde ========================================================================== [23:55:18 xxx root@techflavouz /home/diver/mail/]cPs# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/update_horde_config –user=diver –full horde conf: /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde/config/conf.php Successfully updated the sql section of the Horde configuration. Running database checks for 1 account(s) … Using Universal Quota Support (quota=0) Running horde-db-migrate […]

Script to restore the contents from addon domain to a newly created domain (newly created are domain which is seperated from mainaccount)

Script to restore the contents from addon domain to a newly created domain When customers move from shared hosting to VPS environment/dedi server environment below-pasted script will be usefull. In shared server’s customer’s will be having most of the domain’s as addon domains. Using the below-pasted script they can separate […]

PhpMyadmin while redirecting from cPanel is asking for the password

While accessing  PhpMyadmin from cPanel is asking for the password and its not redirecting, then it’s likely your account’s MySQL password has gotten out of sync with your cPanel account password. Under normal circumstances those passwords are the same, however, the way that phpMyAdmin was loaded in previous versions (cPanel […]

Softaculous Hook

Softaculous is a plugin which can be integrated into cPanel and can be installed into cPanel in just 2 minutes. Softaculous is tightly integrated with cPanel and your users can access 444 apps. Softaculous takes care of the complete lifecycle of the application from install to backup to update. Softaculous […]

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