PhpMyadmin while redirecting from cPanel is asking for the password

While accessing  PhpMyadmin from cPanel is asking for the password and its not redirecting, then it’s likely your account’s MySQL password has gotten out of sync with your cPanel account password.

Under normal circumstances those passwords are the same, however, the way that phpMyAdmin was loaded in previous versions (cPanel versions before 11.28) it would ensure that the password was synced before loading the application. In 11.28 we removed that auto-syncing functionality and added the login form. In this way, if you’re MySQL password is different for a reason, we don’t overwrite it, and you can still log into phpMyAdmin.

Please follow the below-pasted steps to fix mysql password out of sync issue

Step 1: Login to WHM as root/reseller
Step 2: Go to Home »Account Functions »Password Modification
Step 3: Reset password of the account which you are facing the issue.

If you need any further assistance contact me @ [email protected].. prefer hangout 🙂

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