DDOS attack measures

  How do we confirm that the server is under DDOS attack? We can confirm it by checking the result of netstat command: netstat -an|awk ‘/tcp/ {print $6}’|sort|uniq -c This will show the states and number of connections at that time. The different states that are visible mostly in servers […]

Control search engine crawlers

How to Control search engine crawlers with a robots.txt file Website owners, can instruct search engines on how they should crawl a website, by using a robots.txt file. When a search engine crawls a website, it requests the robots.txt file first and then follows the rules within. It’s important to […]

Installation/Upgradation of IPTABLES and CSF

Steps to Update/Install iptables iptables v1.6.0 cd /usr/src wget -O /usr/src/iptables-1.6.0.tar.bz2     https://www.netfilter.org/projects/iptables/files/iptables-1.6.0.tar.bz2 –no-check-certificate tar -jxf iptables-1.6.0.tar.bz2 cd iptables-1.6.0 ./configure –prefix=/myiptables –with-xtlibdir=/lib/xtables –disable-nftables make make install mv /sbin/iptables /myiptables/iptables.backup mv /sbin/iptables-restore /myiptables/iptables-restore.backup mv /sbin/iptables-save /myiptables/iptables-save.backup ln -s /myiptables/sbin/iptables /sbin/iptables ln -s /myiptables/sbin/iptables-restore /sbin/iptables-restore ln -s /myiptables/sbin/iptables-save /sbin/iptables-save ———– For […]