Enabling APCU in EA4 (CPANEL) through script

APCu is the official replacement for the outdated APC extension. APC provided both opcode caching (opcache) and object caching. As PHP versions 5.5 and above include their own opcache, APC was no longer compatible, and its opcache functionality became useless. The developers of APC then created APCu, which offers only the object caching functionality (they removed the outdated opcache).

In order to install APCu on the server, please follow the below-pasted steps:

1: Login to the server as root
2: wget -O /usr/src/apcu_ea4.sh http://scripts.techflavourz.com/apcu_ea4.sh
3: chmod 777 /usr/src/apcu_ea4.sh
4: sh /usr/src/apcu_ea4.sh
Note: By default cachesize is 128M and you can change by runnnig sh /usr/src/apcu_ea4.sh 64M or /usr/src/apcu_ea4.sh requiredM


3 thoughts on “Enabling APCU in EA4 (CPANEL) through script

  1. Thank you! It helped me.. You wrote this script for my issue and to help everybody else going through this problem. You work at hostgator?

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