Steps to manually restore email account For a cPanel account from any backup

Email is very important for business. Sometimes email is hosted on a different server’s and the domain is hosted on one server. The below-pasted steps will help you when you want o migrate the emails to the same hosting server. This is one of the possible ways there are other alternatives for the same.

Steps to manually restore email account for a cPanel account are as follows:
1. Add an entry for the new account to the /home/USER/etc/DOMAIN/passwd file.
2. Add the password for the new account to the /home/USER/etc/DOMAIN/shadow file using standard Unix "crypt" encryption.
Note I just Copied the existing encrypted password of the user to new user [email protected]
3. If you want a quota for the account, add an entry in /home/USER/etc/DOMAIN/quota (I think the values are in bytes).
4. Create a directory for the account in /home/USER/mail/DOMAIN directory.
5. If you have logged in as root then change the ownership to user. [chown user.user /home/User/mail/Domain/xyz -R]
6. Create a soft link /home/USER/mail directory for new mail user xyz\@Domain_com ->
7. You can also set the maildirsize by editing the /home/USER/mail/Domain/xyz/maildirsize
8. Run this following scripts to take effect in cpanel.


If you need any further assistance contact me @ [email protected].. prefer hangout ?

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